About us

sasa med was founded in 1996 by Dr. Sassy and Dr. Saleh, co-author of the book “The Magical Egyptian Herb ”, the first complete work about black cumin, with the purpose to introduce Egyptian natural products to the German market. At this time black cumin was completely unknown in Europe however due to its exceptionally care effects black cumin found great consideration and popularity within short time.

In the meantime our customers include wholesalers, retailers of the natural dietetical branch, pharmacies and final customers all over the world.

Our black cumin oil is gained by means of mechanical cold pressing of the Egyptian black cumin seed, nigella sativa, in order to conserve the valuable ingredients. We guarantee a 100 % natural and pure oil of the highest quality. This first class quality product is guaranteed by the regular controls and analyses of our oil.

Over the years we have established good business contacts to Egypt so that we are able to purchase the seeds at favourable prices. Therefore we can give these favourable prices directly to our customers.

Besides black cumin oil our range also includes black cumin seeds, black cumin oil capsules and natural body care products elaborated on black cumin basis. We also quote for genuine natural fatty oils such as biological Argan oil from Morocco, jojoba oil and some other rare oils.

Dr. Sassy, Sasa med GmbH