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redpointBlack cumin oil

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For horses, dogs, cats.
As fodder supplement and medicine, highly valued especially for horses, dogs, and cats, black cumin oil represents an important contribution for the care, health and healing of your animal.

Use recommendation
Daily 20 ml Black cumin oil added to the fodder. Particularly helpful is the external application of black cumin under the tongue of the horse. The black cumin active components penetrate deep the mucosous tissues and develop its healing effects immediately.

Use recommendation for dogs
Daily addition to the fodder of 5 ml black cumin oil .

Use recommendation for cats
Daily addition to the fodder of 1 - 2 ml Black cumin oil.


redpointBlack cumin seeds

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Black cumin seed inhibits the fungi and bacterial growth in the fodder. Similar to the healing power of black cumin for the human, black cumin can be used for the external and internal application in relation with different disorders and ailments of the animals. It is particularly recommended for cattle, horses, poultry etc. Black cumin prevents and heals allergic disorders, skin inflammations, articulation inflammations and pain, allergic skin ailments and respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, asthma, cough, etc.

For bronchial asthma, respiratory disorders, cough, allergic reactions against dust, contact allergy, eczemas. Black cumin is anti-parasitic, strengthens and stabilizes the immune system.

Directions for use:
Daily: 200 g seeds added to the fodder or 100g seeds plus 10 ml black cumin oil.


redpointSkin balm for horses

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Our Skin balm with black cumin for horses is free from any additives and produced with 100% vegetable raw substances. It is especially recommended for the care of the very sensitive, allergic, and dry skin. It alleviates allergic skin inflammations, edemas, nettle rash, eczema and eliminates intensive itching. It calms insect bites and is at the same time anti-parasitic.

Nigella sativa (Black cumin oil), Ricinus communis (castor oil), Cera alba (bee wax), Cocos nucifera (coconut oil), Helitanthus annus (sunflower oil)

Directions for use:
Apply sparingly some black cumin skin balm on the affected skin parts.



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